Kinda Like Assert

Kinda Like Assert
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In 1983 my math teacher wrote on the blackboard: P{Q}R. Ever since, my code is loaded with assertions. Assertions should be used to document logically impossible situations and discover programming errors […] This is distinct from error handling: most error conditions are possible, although some may be extremely unlikely. (Wikipedia) [Assertion] We all have seen, but never produced, anti-code like:

However, I have produced code like:

Fix-me-later-code like this might get shipped (with or without NDEBUG)… and some user might try a PNG file… after six hours of typing… without saving… We have all been there. You balance a todo-list of 20 items in your head, and it won’t survive deep thought on some unlikely potential problem. Put in an quick assert() and you can continue to work on your todo-list of, now, 19. The problem is not in using the assert(), but in forgetting to replace it with real code, eventually. So here is how I make them stick out:

The examples above would read:

And remember, no commits on trunk unless grep -c NOT_ *.[ch] returns 2.