Rax 1.1 released

Rax 1.1 released
By | 2018-01-17T16:42:16+01:00 June 30th, 2015|Categories: Rax|

We are happy to announce that Rax 1.1 is avalaible from today! This release contains many stability and performance improvements. Most importantly:

  • Added r'years and a'weeks magic tags to relative duration.
  • Added a sample \ operator for sets: some_set\10 will list random 10 elements of some_set. In explorative analytics scenarios this is handy as it’s typically much faster than some_set[1..10] which needs to sort the set elements.
  • Added a syntax to set a default value for missing values, for example %missing # -1; sets a default missing value for numbers to -1.
  • Added syntax to call external commands from inside Rax, e.g. : $:result := <$: "|grep alamakota * > lines.txt">;
  • Added the %raxpath directive which allows setting custom paths for %include files.
  • Many optimizations to the temporal queries
  • More efficient implementation of the temporal union operator (\/@)
  • Many, many bug fixes

Download a free version of Rax from the Rax download page!