Rax syntax highlighting in Notepad++

Notepad++ allows to define syntax highlighters for custom languages. It also allows to import syntax highlighters created by others. Rax installation contains a syntax highlighter for Notepad++. To install it, go to 'Language -> Define your language...' in the Notepad++ menu. In the dialog that pops up (see Figure A.1, “User Defined Language dialog in Notepad++”), click on Import.... In the explorer dialog that pops up now, navigate to the Rax installation directory (typically C:\Program Files\RaxDB\Rax 1.3\extras) and select rax-notepad.xml. Click OK. Rax syntax highlighter has been imported. You might need to restart your Notepad++ for this change to take effect, though. After that, Rax will be shown in the list of supported languages (in the Language menu, see Figure A.2, “List of supported languages in Notepad++”), and each Rax script (i.e. a file with a .rax extension) opened at this point should have correct syntax highlighting.

Figure A.1. User Defined Language dialog in Notepad++

User Defined Language dialog in Notepad++

Figure A.2. List of supported languages in Notepad++

List of supported languages in Notepad++