Appendix B. Using Rax with Textadept and other editors

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Other editors


Like Notepad++, Textadept is a free and extensible source code editor. It allows to define syntax highlighting for custom languages (such as Rax) and is able to run custom commands (such as Rax interpreter). It can be therefore customized to become a handy tool for creating and executing Rax scripts.

Rax installer for Linux and OSX also installs Textadept and configures it for usage with Rax[13]. To start Textadept on OSX, start typing 'Textadept' in spotlight. To start Textadept on Linux, type:

           ta some_script.rax

Rax scripts (i.e. files with extension .rax) will have proper syntax highlighting when opened in Textadept. To run a Rax script in Textadept, press Command+R on OSX or Ctrl+R on Linux.

[13] Please refer to the Textadept license that can be found in /usr/share/textadept/LICENSE.txt on Linux and in Textadept-license.txt in the Rax disk image on OSX.